Our Past Projects

Take A Look at What We've Done Previously

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Scrunchies - SD Rescue Mission
June - July 2020

We made about 25 scrunchies for SD Rescue Mission, a program helping the homeless in San Diego by providing them with housing and long-term help.

"Thank you so much! They are so cute! :)"

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Masks - San Diego YWCA
June 2020

We made about 30 masks and sent them to the San Diego YWCA, an organization working that provides housing for those in crisis, during this coronavirus period.

"They are adorable. Thank you and the Small Smile Makers for helping our survivors and their families stay safe during this unprecedented time."

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Scrunchies - Compass Clara House
May 2020

We made 20 scrunchies to send to the Compass Clara House in San Francisco. They help the homeless or at-risk families find stable housing.

"The scrunchies are gorgeous and the families loved them. :) "